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Kratom Education

How to Pronounce Kratom

If you are like most of the Kratom world, you do not possess a ton of confidence when attempting to pronounce the word Kratom. Then there are times when you feel confident in your chosen pronunciation until, of course, you come across another individual who confidently pronounces entirely differently. So with all of the different ways that people pronounce it, how do you pronounce Kratom? What is the proper way?

Does Kratom Go Bad?

Do dried herbs and spices ever go bad? While your herbs and spices aren’t likely to grow mold, they will, over time, inevitably lose their potency. The “shelf life” can vary from herb to herb. In this regard, the herb, Kratom, is no different. In this article, you’ll learn about Kratom’s shelf life and what you can do to extend or preserve your Kratom.

Drug Testing for Kratom

So you love your kratom but wonder if it can be detected on a drug test? How long is it detectable in a typical urine sample? Or in a blood sample? Is there anything you can do to mask the detection of kratom on a drug test? First, it’s probably most important to realize that employers’ current drug tests are not generally screening for kratom use. Second, it’s essential to recognize that everyone metabolizes kratom (or any substance) at different rates. Standard drug tests, like the SAMHSA-5, do not test for kratom alkaloids. In addition, many employers don’t test for kratom; it’s simply not a common substance many people know about. That said, a specific 10-panel drug test can be ordered, including testing for kratom.

How to Grow a Kratom Tree

Kratom plants are trees, occasionally growing over 50 feet (30.5 m.) in height. The Kratom tree (Mytragina speciosa) grows in wild and lush tropical environments like the jungles of Thailand, Indonesia, and Bali. These regions’ humidity approaches 100%, and ambient temperatures rarely drop below 60º. This geography alone presents one of the biggest challenges to growing kratom. Is it Best to Grow Kratom from Seeds or Cuttings? Kratom can be grown from seed, but the germination rate is meager between 10 and 20 percent. Therefore, the success rate depends on whether the seeds are very fresh. They are best planted straight from the tree before they dry out. If you plant seeds, plant enough kratom seeds in a large container to increase the chances of getting a single viable seedling. The best way to grow a Kratom tree is by getting a cutting from it. When you start with a cutting, you’ve won half the battle and can begin to nurture your kratom plant. In addition, this saves you a lot of time watching to see if any seeds will germinate.