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Kratom Strains: Guide to the Different Types of Kratom Strains

Kratom Strains: Guide to the Different Types of Kratom Strains

Kratom, a tree native to Southeast Asia, has been utilised for centuries for its medicinal and recreational benefits, with an array of strains offering unique effects. But now with so many different types of Kratom strains available, people find it hard to know the difference among these different Kratom strains.  

The purpose of writing this blog is to clear this confusion so that you properly understand and have enough knowledge about different strains of Kratom.  You will no longer be confused by Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, or Yellow Vein Kratom. 

What are the different types of Kratom Strains? 

There are four main types of Kratom strains. They are listed Below:

  • Red Bali
  • White Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vein 

Below, we will explain the difference among these different Kratom Strains.

What is the Red vein Kratom Strain? 

The Red Vein Kratom strain has gotten the name due to its leaves’ colours. It is formed from the Kratom leaves when they become more mature and turn red. Today, it is the most demanding Kratom strain in the market. 

The Red Kratom has a high level of alkaloid. Anecdotal reports claim that Red vein Kratom might have some potential benefits such as relaxation, pain relief, and stress relief. (R)

However, we still have insufficient scientific information to support such claims. Therefore, it is advised not to take it as a sedative. 

What is white vein Kratom Strain? 

White vein Kratom is harvested at an earlier stage of the Kratom leaves’ maturity before it turns green or red. White vein Kratom is a good choice if you are looking to take a pure energy boost.  

White Kratom strains are associated with more energising and stimulant effects compared to red and green. 

White vein Kratom is also generally associated with mood-lifting quality. However, we don’t have enough scientific information to prove such claims.  (R)

What is Green Vein Kratom Strain? 

Green vein Kratom strains are a perfect choice for beginners. It is because Green Kratom has milder outcomes as compared to other Kratom strains. 

Green Kratom is harvested in the middle of the plant life cycle when the Kratom leaves are turned green from white. 

Not energising like White vein Kratom, it is believed that Green vein Kratom also offers energy-boosting effects. Further research is needed to prove this claim. 

What is the Yellow Vein Kratom Strain? 

Not famous like other Kratom strains but yellow vein Kratom is a growing strain of Mitragyna speciosa. The main reason for its gaining popularity is its distinguishing effects from other Kratom strains. 

Yellow vein Kratom is not found typically in nature. They are prepared through a specific drying process. 

The leaves used to produce yellow vein Kratom are usually a mix of red and green veins. After harvesting, the leaves used to produce yellow vein Kratom usually undergo a longer drying process, which may include fermentation, leading to a yellowish tint. (R)

Kratom Strain Chart

Strain Type Colour Vein Potential Effects Potential Uses
Red Vein Red Relaxation, Pain Relief, Sedation Pain management, Relaxation, Sleep aid
White Vein White Energy, Focus, Mood Enhancement Productivity, Energy boost, Cognitive enhancement
Green Vein Green Balanced Effects (Mix of Red and White) Mild pain relief, Increased energy, Enhanced mood
Yellow Vein Yellow Varied (between red and green) Anxiety relief, Mild stimulation, Relaxation

Note: The above uses and effects are based on anecdotal reports and are not scientifically approved.

What are the risks and potential side effects of Kratom Strains? 

Large doses of Kratom can cause many serious side effects. Some of them are listed below: (R)

  • Nausea
  • Aggression
  • Hallucination
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Death

Note: The aforementioned side effects may not necessarily be solely attributed to Kratom usage; they could potentially be linked to other underlying medical conditions. 

Dosages of Kratom

Regarding the dosage of Kratom, we don’t have any scientific and medically approved reliable information. All the data regarding the dosage of Kratom has been based on anecdotal reports. 

Red Maeng da vs Red Borneo

Red Maeng Da and Red Borneo are two subtypes of Red Kratom. The main difference between Red Maeng Da and Red Borneo lies in their characteristics.

Red Maeng Da Kratom is known for its potency.  The name “maeng da” translates to “pimp grade” in Thai, indicating its high quality and potency.  

Red Borneo is native to Island Borneo. Anecdotal reports show that the “Red Borneo” Kratom strain has a calming and relaxing effect. 


Is Kratom FDA-approved? 

No, Kratom is not approved by the FDA for any human use or any other recreational purposes. Also, the FDA has not approved Kratom as a dietary supplement or for the treatment of any medical condition.

What is Kratom used for? 

For centuries people of Southeast Asia have been using Kratom for pain relief, energy boosting, and calming effects. However, we have very limited scientific data to prove such claims. 

Are there differences among different Kratom Strains?

Yes, there are differences between different kratom strains. The main difference is among their characteristics and potent level. 

Can I take Kratom without consulting with a qualified medical doctor?

No, Kratom is not approved by the FDA for any human use. Therefore, you must consult with a qualified medical doctor before using Kratom. 


To conclude, there are four main different types of Kratom including Red vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, and Yellow vein Kratom. Each Kratom strain has its unique characteristics and potential side effects. It should be kept in mind that no Kratom strain has been approved by the FDA for human use. Therefore, you must not use Kratom without proper consultation with a qualified medical doctor. 

Disclaimer: The information provided on The Kratom Worx is intended solely for informational and research purposes. Users are advised not to make any decisions solely based on this information.

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