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Organic Oil

Pure Natural Organic Oil
Kratom Gold Extract - the kratom worx

How it's Made

Our e-liquid has undergone various sterilization and chemical processes to eliminate bacteria and other impurities (tannin, flavonoid, phenolic, etc.) in order to deliver the ‘cleanest’ and ‘smoothest’ kratom experience.

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Kratom Gold Barneo

What inside the bottle?

It’s simply kratom extracts, propylene glycol, organic sweetener and flavor
Kratom Extract Bottles

How many grams is a bottel?

1400mg (strenght)
1400mg (to Produce)

Kratom Gold Barneo

Serving suggestion?

1ml (Full pipette)
before meal
Kratom Detox Juice
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World's Best Kratom Extract
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What is kratom Leaf?

Kratom is an endemic plant of Borneo under Rubiaceae (coffee) naustny family. It’s traditionally used to We have invented the treat diarrhea, fatigue, muscle finest kratom extract in pain, depression (sedative) and increased stamina.

Towards sustainable kratom industry...

We have invented the finest kratom extract in the world with 95% purity, eliminating major kratom problems of microbes, inconsistency, and cross-border shipment risks.

Kratom industry at a glance...

Kratom’ stimulant and analgesic properties have boosted its demand worldwide. However, these enormous demands are not met with sufficient hygiene standard and quality assurance from local producers.

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