Kratom 101

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia and Africa. Its leaves are dried in the open air before being ground into a fine residue. The resulting powder can be used as it is, or processed into capsules, tablets, extracts, pills, or other forms.

In regions where the kratom tree is grown, people swallow raw leaves in powder or capsule form, mix kratom powders into beverages, take liquid kratom extract, smoke the leaves, or brew them as tea. Kratom is known as thang, biak, thom, and kakuam in Southeast Asia. [R]

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom leaves contain a stimulant known as Mitragynine, which has been reported to work like opioid drugs such as codeine and morphine to relieve pain. Many people also use kratom leaves to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, no clinical evidence exists to support these uses.

Mitragynine is joined by another stimulant called 7-hydroxymitragynine. This stimulant constitutes 0.05% of the dried leaf mass, compared to 1-2% of that of Mitragynine. Both these compounds are believed to be the primary contributors to kratom's psychoactive effects. [R]

In the United States, Kratom is not regulated at the federal level. It is left to the states whether they allow or prohibit people from buying or selling kratom products.

At least four states have banned the sale and purchase of Kratom products. These include Alabama, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

If you're unsure about the legality of Kratom in the state you live in, a simple Google search will tell you whether you're good to go with the purchase.

The Kratom Worx compounds are intended for laboratory research purposes only.

What Are Kratom Strains?

Different types of kratom are called strains. Kratom strains are named based on their origin, harvesting processes, or dying methods. Each strain is also differentiated by vein color (red, green, white, yellow), while some are named after the region they've grown in (Bali, Hulu, Kali).

Kratom Strains by Vein Color

The most common way kratom strains are categorized is on the basis of the color of the leaf veins from which they are extracted. You can find kratom plants with red, white, or green veins – with the color of the vein determining the effects it will offer.

1) Red Vein Kratom Strain

Red vein kratom strains are extracted from fully mature and older leaves, which is when the leaves develop red veins. Once they are harvested, these strains are exposed to sun or UV lighting for extended periods. Red-veined kratom is believed to have a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Red-veined strains are available in multiple types. These include Maeng Da, Thai, Bali, Borneo, and Red Indo. All these strains are believed to offer different effects. However, it is to be noted that no research has been conducted into their effects to date.

2) Green Vein Kratom Strain

Green-veined strains are derived from leaves with medium-level maturity. This isn't to say anything about the potency or quality of the final kratom product. It is just to say that at the time of picking of leaves, the veins had acquired a certain level of maturity.

Just like their red-veined counterparts, grain vein strains are also available in multiple types. These include Green Bali Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Green Indo Kratom, and Green Borneo Kratom. None of these strains have attracted any studies yet.

3) White Vein Kratom Strain

White veined strains are picked at the start of the kratom tree's lifecycle. Again, the time at which these strains are harvested has nothing to say about their potency. It's just to say that they might offer different effects in studies than their green or red-veined counterparts.

White Bali and White Thai are the two most popular kratom strains of this type. The former is harvested from trees originating in Bali, whereas the latter is native to Thailand. Both contain a considerable concentration of mitragynine, as well as traces of other alkaloids.

Kratom Strains by Place of Origin

Kratom strains are also named based on their places of origin. That is why you read names like Red Borneo Kratom Powder, Bali Kratom Capsules, Maeng Da Thai Kratom, and more. Let's look at the kratom strains identified by their place of origin:

1) Maeng Da

Maeng Da strain was originally cultivated in Thailand, but Indonesian and Malaysian strains have also become available over the years. It is said to be one of the strongest and long-lasting kratom strains. Maeng Da can be red, green, or white in color.

2) Indo

Indo strain originated in Thailand and can be red, green, or white in color. It is purportedly less stimulating than other strains. This is because this strain is derived from the rigid cell walls of the plant leaves. Indo strain is thought to be similar to Malay strain in terms of effects.

3) Bali

Bali or red vein strain has its origins in Indonesia. It is reddish in color and is believed to possess the most 'opioid-like' properties of all kratom strains. Popular forms include Bali kratom powder, premium Bali kratom, or Bali kratom leaf.

4) Green Malay

Just like the Indo strain comes from Indonesia, the Green Malay strain is cultivated in Malaysia. This strain is dark green in color, a factor that distinguishes it from almost every other strain on the market. As most of them have a yellow, red, or white appearance.

Different Kratom Forms

Kratom products exist in multiple forms, including powders, capsules, pills, and extracts. Depending on your research purposes, one or more of these can meet your requirements.


Kratom powders are the most popular form of kratom. That is because they are easy to use for research purposes, are cheaper in bulk, and are easy to store.

On the flip side, powder forms can be hard to measure, making them challenging to use in research settings where getting the accurate measurement is crucial.

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Kratom capsules offer multiple conveniences. They are easy to store and since they come pre-dosed, there's little chance of using the wrong amount in research settings.

However, while every kratom variety is available in powder form, that might not always be the case with capsules.

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Extracts are yet another popular form of kratom. They are prepared by suspending the kratom using some form of solvent (ethanol, water, or CO2).

Since they contain a very high alkaloid content, extracts are generally more potent.

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Tips for Choosing Kratom Supplier

Many suppliers have sprung up to meet the public's growing demand for kratom products in recent years. The only way to tell if their kratom products are pure and safe is by purchasing them yourself, but that said, certain tips might come in handy.

Look For Third-Party Certification

This is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a kratom seller. All of their products must be backed by third-party lab testing reports or Certificates of Analysis (CoA). This is the only way to ensure that the kratom product you intend to buy is safe and effective.

The Kratom Worx offers third-party issued Certificate of Analysis on all our products. When you buy kratom online from The Kratom Worx, we will ship the CoA alongside the product. The certification will help you verify that the product is pure and safe.

Carefully Compare The Cost

All kratom vendors won't offer the same product at the same cost – but the prices won't vary by much. What you need to do is to be vary of sellers who sell for exorbitantly high or dirt cheap prices. Pricing should be competitive. If it tilts either way, this is a massive red flag.

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Check Previous Customers' Reviews

Make sure to go over customer reviews of the products you're interested in. All the suppliers who sell Kratom give customers the option to leave feedback on their purchased product. User reviews are the best way to determine whether the product you're buying is genuine.

To check reviews of any product sold by Product Rawz, all you have to do is go to the page of the product you're interested in. Next, you need to click on the 'Reviews' tab on the product page to check out other customers' opinions about our products.

Always Opt For Guarantee

This is one of the best ways to differentiate a seller who just wants to take your money from those who are dependable and accountable. You always want to choose a vendor that offers some form of guarantee that their product will meet your requirements.

At The Kratom Worx, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. This distinguishes The Kratom Worx from fake and sub-standard sellers who take no responsibility for their products.

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