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Red Kapuas Powder

  • High-Quality Red Kapuas Kratom
  • Mitragynine Content Grade B: <1.4%
  • Research Purposes Only
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Red Kapuas Powder is offered in three variants: 180g, 1kg, and 2.5kg.

What is the History of Red Kapuas Powder? 

The history of Red Kapuas Powder is closely intertwined with the customs and traditions of the Kapuas Hulu region. Indigenous tribes, like the Dayak and Punan people, have known and utilized this botanical red Hulu kratom treasure for generations. Their ancient knowledge passed down through the ages gave them wisdom about the powder’s potential healing properties, pain-relieving effects, and ability to promote relaxation and tranquility. Its well-balanced alkaloid profile offers a wide range of potential beneficial benefits.

While the precise date of the powder’s discovery remains obscure, its use in traditional ceremonies, medicinal practices, and the daily lives of these communities has endured for centuries. However, it was only in the last few decades that the secrets of Red Kapuas Powder from Hulu Forest began to capture the attention of the global botanical community.


Red Hulu Kapuas are typically made from mature leaves that are cultivated in the deep forests of the Kapuas Hulu region. The rigorous gathering, drying, and powdering of the leaves result in a fine powder with a deep red kratom color, which gives the substance its name and a potent strain. (R)

According to a preliminary study, the powder is made from the leaves of the Southeast Asian native Mitragyna Speciosa tree, often known as Kratom. Numerous studies have been conducted on the alkaloids, which are the active ingredients in kratom. 

One crucial aspect to consider when exploring Red Kapuas Powder is its potency. The concentration of active alkaloids can vary depending on the specific strain, growing conditions, and processing techniques. Researchers must obtain this rare product strain from reputable sources that adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. (R)

Product Information

Kratom Product: Red Kapuas Powder

Content: Mitragynine Content Grade B: <1.4%.

Variants: 180g, 1kg, and 2.5kg

CAS Number: 4098-40-2

Molar Mass: 398,4953 g/mol-1

Chemical Formula: C23H30N2O4IUPAC Namemethyl 2-(3-ethyl-8-methoxy-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12b-octahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizin-2-yl)-3-methoxy prop-2-enoate (R)


  1. Potential for pain relief
  2. Potential for mood enhancement
  3. Potential for relaxation and stress reduction
  4. Potential for increased energy
  5. Support for opiate withdrawal

1. Potential For Pain Relief

The claimed analgesic properties of Red Kapuas Kratom are among its most popular subjects of research. Two Kratom alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, are thought to act on opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord to alleviate pain. More research is needed to completely comprehend the mechanisms and potential risks related to these interactions.  (R)

2. Potential For Mood Enhancement

Red Kapuas Kratom was reported to potentially improve mood and a sense of well-being. The alkaloids in Kratom are believed to influence serotonin and other neurotransmitter systems, which could contribute to these mood-enhancing effects. (R)

3. Potential For Relaxation And Stress Reduction

Red Kapuas Kratom also has the potential to relax and alleviate stress and anxiety. (R)

4. Potential For Energy Increase

Red Kapuas Kratom is frequently mentioned as having a potentially slight energy increase, in contrast to several other Kratom strains. It is believed to sharpen attention and make people more productive. (R)

5. Support For Opiate Withdrawal

According to reports, Kratom, notably Red Kapuas, potentially reduces withdrawal symptoms while stopping opiate use. More study is required to establish the safety and efficacy of Kratom for treating opioid addiction, as this is a contentious issue. (R)


Like other Kratom products, Red Kapuas powder is a complex blend of alkaloids that interact with different brain receptors and neurotransmitter systems. The probable interactions and effects of some of the major alkaloids included in Red Kapuas powder, such as 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine:

1. Opioid Receptor Interaction

 The mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in Red Kapuas powder act as partial agonists at the mu-opioid receptors in the brain. The observed analgesic effects of Kratom are thought to be caused by these interactions. These interactions are often weaker and less powerful than those caused by conventional opioids. (R)

2. Adrenergic and Dopaminergic Receptors

 Kratom alkaloids, including those in Red Kapuas powder, have been shown to potentially interact with adrenergic receptors, which play a role in the body’s stress response. Additionally, interactions with dopaminergic receptors may contribute to mood-elevating and stimulating effects. (R) 

3. Delta-Opioid Receptors 

Research suggests that Kratom alkaloids may also interact with delta-opioid receptors, another type of opioid receptor. These interactions could potentially contribute to the overall effects of Red Kapuas powder, including its reported analgesic and mood-enhancing properties. (R)

4. GABAergic System

The GABAergic system is involved in regulating relaxation and anxiety in the brain. Kratom alkaloids have been shown to interact with this system, which may explain some of the potential calming and sedative effects of Red Kapuas powder. ®



While Kratom’s mechanism of action shows potential benefits, it also carries risks:

  •  Potential for tolerance
  • Potential for increasing dependency
  • Potential for causing nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, and dry mouth. (R)


1. Potency and Alkaloid Content

 The potency of Red Kapuas Powder varies greatly depending on elements such as strain, geographical area, and processing methods. Fluctuations in the concentration of active alkaloids, which are responsible for the claimed effects, might result from these fluctuations.

2. Reliable and Ethical Sourcing

 As with any botanical product, acquiring Red Kapuas Powder from reputable and trustworthy sources is critical. To assure quality and safety, reputable merchants will disclose information about the product’s origins, growing procedures, and lab testing findings. Ethical sourcing strategies help preserve the environment and benefit local communities.

3. Non-Medical Nature

 The FDA has not approved Red Kapuas Powder as a medication or treatment. It’s important to emphasize that Kratom products, particularly Red Kapuas Powder, shouldn’t be used in place of expert medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. (R)

4. Various Regulatory Status

 Kratom, particularly Red Kapuas Powder, is legal in certain countries but illegal in others. While some countries have banned Kratom, others have varying degrees of restrictions on its use and sale. To ensure continued adherence to local regulations, consumers must be informed about Kratom’s legal standing in their jurisdiction. 


1. Aside from Red Kapuas, what are the other popular red strains of Kratom?

Red Maeng Da is another popular and widely recognized red vein strain of Kratom. Like Red Kapuas, it is a red-veined strain, but it is unique in its own right and is sought after for its specific effects and characteristics.

2. How does Red Kapuas Powder compare in quality to other kratom products?

 Red Kapuas Powder is renowned for its highest-quality kratom. It’s carefully sourced and processed to ensure the best possible product for consumers seeking potent effects.

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Buy the finest Red Kapuas Powder with us and experience 

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ATTENTION:  All our products are for LABORATORY AND RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY not for veterinary or human usage.

Additional information


180g, 1kg, 2.5kg

4 reviews for Red Kapuas Powder

  1. Erin

    I love that it’s consistent every time I take it. No disappointments, just good times. If you’re into kratom or just curious, give this one a try. You won’t regret it!

  2. Orlando Wheeler

    you guys never let me down.
    The powder is simple to prepare and has an enjoyable flavor.

  3. Mickey Woodard

    I enjoyed this strain it made me feel very relaxed.
    Highly recommended!

  4. Tanner

    Remarkable supplement a total game-changer

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