By limiting consecutive hyphens you possibly can prevent occurrences by which many traces of your document finish in hyphens. This is relevant to private and esthetic choice. As a rule of thumb, affixes are not hyphenated unless the lack of a hyphen would harm readability.

My experience is that even when using your mixture GREP Styles to use No Break to the phrases earlier than and after the hyphen, ID will pull each phrases all the means down to the next line. At the tip of each document I create I have a series of GREP find and replace I carry out. I agree that an automated method is best to keep away from it at all costs. If you’re pleased with the performance side of things by all means use it. This word is an official Scrabble word within the dictionary. Word locates the next word you could need to hyphenate.

And we hyphenate phrases which might be spelled the identical however can have very different meanings or different pronunciations (called homographs, fact-fans) like ‘recreation’ and ‘re-creation’ . An adjective describes a noun, like ‘the written word’. Really, how may you guess that a water-skier water skis on water skis? And even if you did suss out that water-skiing takes a hyphen, your sussing skills would betray you should you needed to write about skeet shooting, which isn’t hyphenated.

I see this weblog has not been used in a couple of years but it’s value a shot. If the above is correct, can it be truncated to ” a $100-to-$150-million-a-year industry” by omitting the first “million” after $100–yes or no? Now I’ve received the eye of Mary Norris, chief editor at The New Yorker. Because this holds relevance to the topic at hand, I am posting it right here.

Certain significantly complex compounds could be fashioned with an en sprint quite than a hyphen, as defined right here. For most writers, the hyphen’s main function is the formation of sure compound phrases. The hyphen is also used for word division, which is briefly explained right here. Sometimes a hyphen can separate two visually alike words from one another. Consider that the use of the hyphen in the first of the following two sentences helps to keep away from confusion that might be generated without the hyphen. Some standing compound words are written with hyphens, some as one word without a hyphen, and some as two words and not utilizing a hyphen.

Check your writing on’s Grammar Coach™. This writing software uses machine learning technology uniquely designed to catch grammar and spelling errors. Its Synonym Swap will discover the most effective nouns, adjectives, and more to assist say what you really mean, guiding you towards clearer, stronger, writing. Some phrases have moved from being open compounds to hyphenated (base-ball) to closed , a sample that reflects familiarity and frequency of utilization. Hyphens are sometimes used when a compound modifies a noun (“sun-bleached curtains,” “fire-roasted tomatoes”) but not when -ly adverbs are used (“lightly salted peanuts”).

For instance, if a word makes use of prefixes or suffixes, you have to use these to divide a word. Both authors are linguists, albeit hyphenated ones. Absence of tendinous cords, with linear or hyphenated distal attachments. Always use a hyphen with the prefixes all-, ex-, and self-, and with the suffix -elect. Re-collect means to gather once more; with no hyphen the word recollect has a unique meaning. Use a hyphen to prevent misreading of sure words.

There are other makes use of of hyphens that we use in writing that aren’t compound phrases. We’ll cover these examples later on this article. A hyphenated word is a word that contains no much less than one hyphen.

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