The KratomWorx

We at TheKratomWorx strive to promote a healthy balance between physical and mental health. Our respect for mother nature ensures that we always promote natural products over any chemical ones. Our products are derived directly from nature and focus on developing a balance between a healthy mind and body.

Kratom Industry

TheKratomWorx is slowly taking over and revolutionizing the kratom industry. We have made it our goal to sell only the best quality kratom products, at the most affordable prices.

At KratomWorx every single product goes through rigorous steps, from acquiring the seed, all the way to shelving the final product. All our products are checked in individual labs, where it needs to meet the highest standard of quality control before being sold.

Our products are unrivaled when compared to that of the current market. We believe this is due to our commitment to produce our products in clean rooms, using the best laboratories and sanitary practices available.

Our Core Values

Our rapidly growing team understands how important it is to find a reliable kratom provider, as such we are excited to bring you the best in products, prices and customer service.

We offer same day shipping in the event that orders are placed before 3pm EST, on weekdays. Delivery within the US is free and international shipping costs can be seen at checkout.

Contact Us Today

If you have any more queries about our products or deliveries, please feel free to contact us via email at support@thekratomworx.com or phone us at, 1 (888) 811-2386.