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1 (888) 811-2386

Shipping Policy

We offer same-day shipping for all orders placed before 2 p.m. est (excluding Sundays and postal holidays). Orders placed after 2 p.m. est will ship out the next day.

We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

Delivery times vary based on your location, but most orders will arrive within 3-7 business days.

We offer basic USPS First Class shipping, as well as expedited shipping options. USPS Priority and USPS Express are available at an additional cost. 

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Please make sure that the shipping address you provide is correct, as we are not able to reroute packages once they have been shipped.

We do not guarantee delivery dates. We only guarantee that your order will be delivered from our warehouse to the post office quickly and efficiently. We then expect USPS to do its part in delivering your order in a timely manner. We will not reimburse shipping costs if USPS does not deliver by a specific date.

Where do we ship to?

We currently only ship within the United States where kratom is legal and do not offer international shipping at this time. All orders ship from our fulfilment warehouse in Florida.
  • States where kratom is banned:
    • Alabama
    • Indiana
    • Vermont
    • Wisconsin
    • Arkansas
    • Rhode Island
Cities/Counties where kratom is banned:
  • San Diego, California
  • Jerseyville, Illinois
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Oceanside, California
  • Ontario, Oregon
  • Union County, Mississippi
*We do our best to update this list based on current kratom laws and regulations, but laws can change often. If you are unsure about kratom regulation in your city, county or state, check with your local law enforcement officials. Our system will not allow orders to be shipped where kratom is banned and illegal. For more resources on kratom legislation, visit the American Kratom Association’s website, and check out their useful kratom legality map.

Once you have received an email from us that your order has been shipped, you can simply follow the link and track your order. You may also log into your account and locate your order, shipping details will be made available once it has been processed and shipped.If you’re unable to track your shipment or need further assistance, please contact us!

If you accidentally entered the wrong address for your shipment please contact us immediately after you have placed your order, as we ship orders the same day.

Kratom only ships to the Continental US and Hawaii. We will be shipping internationally very soon!

      • USPS First-Class arrives takes 3-5 Business Days,
      • USPS Priority Mail arrives in 2-3 Business Days
      • USPS Express arrives in 1-2 Business Day
      • UPS Ground arrives in 3-5 Business Days
      • UPS 2 Day Air arrives in 2 Business Days
      • UPS Next Day Air arrives in 1 Business Day

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, we also accept CryptoCurrency. Crypto payment method offers a 15% off your order!

Absolutely!.. We currently host our website on WordPress, the largest online leading E-commerce platform. Alongside, we use Authorize.net worlds largest payment gateway provider.

We offer a hassle free 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!. Simply reach out to our wonderful support staff and we will provide instructions on how to return your shipment. We strive for customer satisfaction, if you are not satisfied with the product you received, we will gladly offer a replacement, at times we analyze your order details and will not request a return of shipment.

We offer a hassle free 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!. Simply reach out to our wonderful support staff and we will provide instructions on how to return your shipment. We strive for customer satisfaction, if you are not satisfied with the product you received, we will gladly offer a replacement, at times we analyze your order details and will not request a return of shipment.

We’ve partnered with Route—a package protection and tracking solution—to give our customers the best possible delivery experience. Route offers a few options to improve the experience:

Route+ is premium package protection for your online orders. When you add Route+ at checkout, you can easily file claims for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the unfortunate case that they arise.

Purchased Route+ and need to file a claim? File Here

The Route App (Free) The Route App allows you to visually track all of your online orders in one place. No need to dig through your email for tracking numbers, dynamic maps and real-time shipping updates keep you in the loop throughout every part of your delivery. Haven’t downloaded the app yet Download Here


Since inception in 2013 we have taken all measures to insure the safety of our customers. All products received are tested for Alkaloid, Heavy Metals and Microbiology you can search your lab results here. As a registered American Kratom Association approved vendor we’re required to audit our GMP procedures which require routine lab testing of all products.

If you’re new to Kratom, this blog link will be extremely helpful!

Yes, if your order has not shipped, please contact us immediately to assist in substituting your items of equal or lesser value. Shall the item be valued more, the order must be canceled and replaced.

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Collect On Delivery (COD), ACH, eCheck, Money order/Cashiers Check.

Additional payment methods may be available at checkout. You can see the current available options on our checkout page.

-ACH and eCheck work like an electronic check. When prompted, you will supply your checking account’s routing and account numbers. You can find these numbers on the bottom of a paper check of yours, with the first number being the routing number and the second being the account number in most circumstances.

-You can read up on how to use the Bitcoin payment method by clicking here.

-You can learn more about how our COD payment method works by clicking

Payment status is reflected on your order’s current status. If an order is marked as “Processing”, it will ship out with the next batch of orders. If your order is marked as “Completed”, that means it has already shipped out, or is in the current batch to ship out.

If you sent a payment and your order’s status is still in “Pending”, please contact a Customer Service Representative as soon as possible.

Rewards Points are earned by placing orders on our website. In November 2022, we revamped our Rewards Points system with a new system, which changes how Rewards Points are claimed and used on orders. 

  1. Rewards Points will now expire after one calendar year instead of after 90 days, giving customers who order infrequently a better chance to use their points.
  2. Rewards Points are now claimed in batches of 100 on the Rewards Points page. Claiming Rewards Points will give you a coupon code that you can use to save a flat amount off at checkout, meaning you can place a small order for yourself entirely with Rewards Points!
  3. There are many new ways to earn Rewards Points compared to the old system, including a free 100 points on your birthday and interacting with us on social media!

This new system gives us the option to add more ways to save, and additional rewards or bonuses that are exclusive to Rewards Points.

Please do note that you cannot use a Rewards Points coupon code alongside another coupon code. Since you can only use one coupon code per order, you’ll want to be sure to use whatever coupon code you have that gives you the most off for your order!

Redeeming your earned Rewards Points is easy! To get started, simply navigate to our Customer Rewards page. Once on this page, scroll down and click on the green “Redeem Now” button, or scroll down further and pick out what option you’d like from a selection of options with a green “Redeem” button under them.

Once your points have been redeemed, you’ll be given a coupon code. You can enter this like any other coupon code from the My Cart page. Please note that you can only use one coupon code per order, so you cannot combine multiple Rewards Points codes or promotional codes on a single order.

If you ever redeem a code and want to hold onto it, you can! You can view old codes (both used and unused) on the same page. Simply click on the green “Rewards History” button near the beginning of the Customer Rewards section to view and easily copy these codes.

You can check on the status of your order by logging into your account and clicking on the “My Account” link on the top of the web page. You can see a complete order history by clicking on the “My Orders” tab. If you don’t have an account you can check your order status here. 

If your order’s status is “Processing”, your payment has been received and will ship out with the next scheduled shipment. 

If your order is “Pending” we have not received a payment yet. If you did send a payment, you can contact our Customer Service team here with proof of payment. Please do note that your order confirmation email is not proof of payment.

 The most common issue with ACH/eChecks are listed below:

  1. You recently placed an eCheck order with us. Our safeguards ensure your eCheck has been successfully cleared before you can place a new one. For this reason, you may only place one eCheck order per 5 days. 
  2. Your grand total is too high. If you’re a new customer or have not used this payment method extensively, your maximum transaction limit is $200. After 6 weeks of good order history, the maximum moves to $600.
  3. You have previously bounced eChecks. If your check was bounced or returned for NSF, or invalid billing information, our system will flag future eCheck orders until the returned checks are paid.
  4. Your billing address, or bank information is invalid. Please remember to use the billing address associated with your bank account. Do not use any special characters or spaces in your checking/routing number fields.
  5. Your bank is refusing the eCheck. Some banks may not be compatible with electronic checks. Please contact your bank for further assistance in this matter.
  6. You’ve entered a savings account number. Electronic checks must be done with your regular checking account – savings accounts and other specialty accounts are not compatible.

It’s also a good idea to clear your cache within your browser if the above issues are persisting. Please contact us if you’re continuing to have these issues, and our support team will reply back promptly.

What is COD?
Collect on Delivery (COD) is a payment method for your order. It involves exchanging a money order or cashiers check for your total amount due with your delivery driver, in exchange for your package.


Yes we do!

How do I order COD?
In order to order via COD, your grand total after coupons and discounts will need to be a minimum of $75. In the shipping methods section of checkout, you’ll need to select any UPS shipping method. Below this is a checkbox for CODs. Make sure to check off this box! It will then bypass the payments section and allow you to checkout.


What happens next?
You’ll receive an order confirmation with your total amount due. Note that the $12.50 COD fee has been waived. Please make a money order or cashiers check for the amount due, and make it out to KRKN. You’ll receive a tracking number shortly after it ships out – please make sure that you are home when this package is delivered. When the delivery driver is at your door, you’ll exchange your money order for your package.


Why am I paying shipping? I thought you said COD is free?
Please note that we do not charge you for the COD. Collect on Delivery (COD) is not a method of shipping, it is a payment service. CODs come with a $12.50 fee which we pay 100% of as a courtesy to our customers. You still need to pay for the shipping, which is why after selecting a COD, you are prompted to select your shipping method.


Why can’t I see the COD option?
-Make sure you’ve entered a non PO Box shipping address
-Your order minimum after coupons needs to be at least $75
-The COD option is in the “shipping methods” of checkout
-You must select UPS as your shipping courier
-If all the above is true and you cannot find the COD checkbox, you may need to checkout as a guest, or use clear your cache and refresh the browser.

If you have recently placed an order with us, then you will need to wait exactly 5 days after you placed your previous order to place a new order. This timer is down to the minute, so if you cannot place an order early in the morning on the 5th day you may need to wait a few hours before you can place your order.

We do not have any way to override this, so if you need to place an order sooner you’ll want to make an order with a different payment method.

If you’ve made an order and used a payment method that requires additional steps or encountered an error/payment decline, your order may be in the “Pending” status. These orders will still take any coupon codes or store credit that you used, but to recover these discounts you’ll need to contact our customer support. You can contact our online customer support here.

Store credits can be recovered by customer support, however single-use coupon codes (such as those created by Rewards Points) cannot be recovered once applied to an order. We highly recommend using limited-use coupon codes on payment methods you feel comfortable with using after trying them out at least once to ensure the coupon code is getting you your discount.

Unfortunately not. We only can accept payments through our website’s checkout page, and the only payments we accept will be listed there. If you are not seeing a payment method available that was previously available, it is likely down for maintenance, discontinued, or your order does not yet qualify for it.

Since we can only take payments through our website’s checkout page, we cannot take payments over the phone for any reason.

Orders with the “Pending” status are currently awaiting payment, and will be marked as paid after payment is received.

Orders that are created with the payment methods that are not immediately collected (Like Bitcoin and Money Order) will appear as “Pending”. Once payments are received, they will be set to the “Processing” status.

If your payment is ever declined at checkout but your order is still created in the Pending status, then you will need to re-create your order. Please do note that any store credit or single-use coupon codes will be used despite the payment not being completed.

If you have sent payment and your order is still marked as Pending, or you have store credit connected to a Pending order that you’d like to recover, please contact our customer support with your order number and other information regarding the order (ex. proof of payment)

Sorry, no.  

All orders placed must be done so on the website.  

We cannot process your payment or order over the phone.  

Our products are not browse-able over the phone.  

You can contact our Customer Support team via our contact form or by mailing us at [email protected]

Yes, and well, no. 

While the product you’ll receive is not the exact same product in the picture, all of our inventory is examined and inspected on arrival or before shipment. 

If our photos differ in color or consistency, we do our best to immediately update them to reflect the product we actually sell.  

Please note that there can be inconsistencies in product color depending on the grade of mesh used when grinding our coarse material into powder.  Rest assured we are doing our best to deliver consistent and quality product on each and every order.

Yes, we work closely with a food lab to test for alkaloid content as well as contaminants. We do our best to update product descriptions with this information and each product label contains a lot number for reference.

We can only do our best!

Simply use our contact form and send on a message.

We’ll be in touch!

On our online store, unfortunately no. However we do offer bulk deals to our wholesale customers!

To join our wholesale program, you’ll need to own a verified business that deals with physical goods and has the space to sell our products on your shelves. If you own a brick and mortar store and want to carry some Kraken products, you can sign up for our program

While our return policy can be found here, the short of it is that we’re willing to accept a return on any unopened, sealed and untampered product as long as the customer contacts us within thirty (30) days of the delivery date.

If you find that your product is inadequate or not what you expected, we’re more than happy to help set you up with a credit or product to make it up.

Simply get in touch with us via our contact form or send on a mail to [email protected] and we’ll return your message as soon as possible.

While Kraken offers both the shipping services of UPS and USPS, we’ve had the best luck with UPS. This isn’t to say that we’ve had a negative experience in using USPS, however the shipping tools and rates provided by UPS go a long way in adding convenience and velocity to our own processes.

USPS Shipping Options:

USPS Priority: 1-5 Business Days

USPS Flat Rate Priority: 1-5 Business Days

USPS First Class: 2-9 Business Days


Actual shipping times may vary depending on external factors, such as extreme weather conditions or sorting issues at a USPS facility. We recommend contacting your local Post Office if you have questions about a shipment.


UPS Shipping Options:

UPS Ground: 1-5 Business days

Three-Day Select: 3 Business days

UPS Second Day Air: 2 Business days by 10:30AM local time

UPS Next Day Air: 1 Business day by 10:30AM local time

UPS Next Day Air Saver: 1 Business day by the end of the day

UPS Next Day Air – Saturday Delivery: Delivered on Saturday when shipped on Friday, otherwise 1 Business day


NOTE: Saturday Delivery is only available between 2PM Thursday to 1:59PM Friday Pacific time. If your order is not paid in time to ship out on Friday, your shipping method will not be downgraded automatically, and you will still be charged for Saturday Delivery. Please keep this in mind when using a payment method where payment can be delayed, such as Bitcoin or mailed Money Order.

As long as we are contacted before your order leaves our warehouse (before 2PM Pacific Time) we are able to change your delivery address. Please submit a ticket with your full name, order number, email address, and the new shipping address you would like your order sent to.

Once received we will update your order to reflect the new delivery address as soon as possible.

We’re sorry to hear about your lost/stolen package. In these situations we need to legally protect all parties involved, so we require claim information from USPS/UPS in order to proceed. 

UPS Claim Service:
Please call UPS at 1 (888) 811-2386 or file a claim form online. Please have your tracking number on hand.

USPS Claim Service:
Please call USPS at 1 (888) 811-2386 or file a claim form online. Please have your tracking number on hand.
If your courier is not able to locate your package

For UPS, please give us the tracking number which acts as your claim number.

For USPS packages, please forward us your claim information email which includes your claim number and official lost status of your package.

Once we verify the claim number, we will then ship your order back out to you.


Tip #1: USPS couriers have GPS chips in their package scanners. Oftentimes you can visit your local USPS branch and ask them to locate where the package was dropped off at using Google Maps. Sometimes you will find your package was delivered to a neighbor on accident.


Tip #2: Don’t file a claim for a refund of shipping cost. They will deny your claim because you are not the shipper.


Tip #3: Mail fraud is a felony. While 99% of people are truthful, we take these steps to ensure the 1% doesn’t take away your rights to buying from Kraken Kratom.

I think my Mailpiece is Late or Delayed – What should I Do?

USPS® provides you several tools and options to help determine where your mailpiece is in the mailstream and if it is delayed or not. You can check the delivery standard for your mailpiece to make certain that it is delayed or late, check the item’s tracking status, if available, and/or contact the shipper or USPS customer service for further information on your expected mail.

  • Check Mail Delivery Standards

    Before you assume that your mailpiece is delayed or possibly lost, it pays to check the delivery standards for the mail class being used to send the mailpiece. Delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the mailpiece is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what class of mail is being used and how long ago it was mailed. The following chart outlines the delivery standards for various mail classes and indicates how long you should wait before you contact customer assistance with a concern:


    First-Class Mail®

    2-9 days (not guaranteed)

    5 or more Days from the date of mailing

    Priority Mail®

    1, 2, or 3 days (not guaranteed)

    5 or more Days from the date of mailing


    Note: *Except Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories – estimate provided by the postage price calculator.

    If you wish to contact a customer representative:

    Call  1 (888) 811-2386

Accordion Content

Unfortunately we cannot ship our products outside of the United States, including to US Territories such as the US Virgin Islands and Guam. You can view our shipping restrictions within the United States

All products shipped from Kraken are labeled only with our return address, packaged in materials provided by the courier.

All Kraken orders are both processed and shipped same-day, Monday through Saturday, as long as they are placed before 2PM Pacific Time.

Yes, definitely.  Once your order is processed, an email is dispatched from ShipStation plus either USPS or UPS indicating your order status and tracking information.  

All orders will receive this mail if placed before our cutoff time.  

Please note that tracking emails are automated and do not send immediately, sometimes taking up to a full hour or more to process through our queue.

Occasionally, tracking will be displayed as invalid on the UPS or USPS website.  Please be patient as often this “invalid” tracking number will correct itself once scanned in at the main USPS or UPS hub.

Be sure to add [email protected] to your whitelist so our emails don’t end up in your junk mail folder.

Yes, definitely.  

The best way to retrieve an order status and tracking information is by visiting your account and viewing your order status online.  Simply login using the link https://thekratomworx.com/track-my-package/ and click the “View Order” button to the right of your order to retrieve your tracking info.

Occasionally, our shipping application fails to post tracking information.  Rest assurred that if you order status says ‘Shipped’, it has been.  If you require tracking and cannot find it, please email [email protected]

If placed before the cut-off time of 2PM Pacific Time, your order will ship same-day anywhere between 2PM and 8PM Pacific time, Monday through Saturday.   

If you don’t immediately receive a shipment notification or tracking, don’t panic.  

Because we are on the west coast and because we deliver your parcel directly to the main USPS or UPS hub, your package could take several hours to update.  An east coast order placed at 2PM Pacific may not receive an email update until 11PM Eastern.

All orders placed past the cut off time time on Saturday through Sunday, will be shipped on Monday with the exceptions of holidays. We do not ship on Sundays.

We also offer UPS Next Day Air shipping to most areas of the US. Please note that UPS does not offer this service on the weekend, but you can receive a package on Saturday if you select Saturday Delivery during checkout if it is available.

Yes, most definitely.  

Plus, if you are at any time unhappy with your order, please reach out to us via either our contact form or by sending an email to [email protected]. We’ll make it right!

On occasion when preparing orders, we will need to re-batch a group of orders. This usually means that we need to create a new label with the same information, which we then print off and use to ship your order out properly. This process is quick and easy, so your order will still be shipped out the same day it normally would.

An email will be automatically sent to you for this new label, but if it is not received, you can always reach out to our customer support team and request an updated tracking number.

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Note: Don’t confuse topics with articles. In the community, topics are top-level containers for questions.

A key ingredient to a successful community are the moderators. Recruit knowledgeable users who are eager to share their product knowledge, lead lost users to safety, and pick up the latest tricks of the trade from other product experts.

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