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Kratom Mojito Mocktail Recipes


Kratom Mojito Mocktail Nowadays, people consume Kratom in different ways. Kratom enthusiasts have developed a wide array of recipes, each offering a unique taste profile and potential effects. One such famous Kratom recipe is the Kratom Mojito Mocktail.  Today, in this short blog, we will discuss how to prepare a Kratom Mojito Mocktail, the types […]

Sophia Gringgel
How to Make Kratom Coconut Smoothie | The Kratom Worx

Kratom coconut smoothie

Kratom enthusiasts often try innovative recipes to enjoy its benefits while masking its naturally bitter taste. One popular recipe among Kratom users is the Kratom coconut smoothie. This smoothie not only offers a refreshing taste but also combines the potential benefits of Kratom with the nutritious goodness of coconut and other ingredients.  Let’s dive into […]

Sophia Gringgel
Refresh Yourself with Our Citrus Kratom Tea Recipe


CITRUS KRATOM TEA Kratom tea is a historic and well-known way of enjoying the medicinal benefits of kratom. This citrus version of kratom tea adds a refreshing taste to a basic kratom tea recipe and is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. INGREDIENTS: • ½ Lemon, sliced• ½ Lime, sliced• ½ Orange, sliced• 2 Cups […]

Sophia Gringgel
Kratom Blueberry Banana Smoothie - Get Your Daily Dose of Kratom


KRATOM BANANA & BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE Blueberries contain a huge number of nutritional benefits and they are low in calories, making them a powerful addition to an of your favorite smoothie recipes! They are super rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Now you get to mix the powerful benefits of blueberries with the ultimate benefits of kratom […]

Sophia Gringgel
Kratom Iced Coffee - Refreshing Kratom Iced Coffee | The Kratom Worx


This recipe contains coffee and therefore it contains a high amount of caffeine. We recommend using a more mellow strain of kratom for this recipe to avoid a caffeine overload. However, if your favorite kratom strain is an energy-boosting strain, you can substitute the regular coffee for a decaf option. INGREDIENTS: • 1 Cup (250ml) […]

Sophia Gringgel
Kratom Detox Juice - Cleanse Your Body with Our Recipe


INGREDIENTS: • ½ Lemon, peeled• 2 Green Apples, cut in half• 3 Stalks Celery, no leaves• A handful of Spinach or Kale• 5g to 7g Kratom Powder• 1 slice Fresh Ginger DIRECTIONS: Rinse all the ingredients well and pat dry.Remove any peels and cut the fruit and vegetables into 1–2-inch chunks.Place all the ingredients into […]

Sophia Gringgel

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