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How to Make Kratom Coconut Smoothie | The Kratom Worx

Kratom coconut smoothie

Kratom enthusiasts often try innovative recipes to enjoy its benefits while masking its naturally bitter taste. One popular recipe among Kratom users is the Kratom coconut smoothie.

This smoothie not only offers a refreshing taste but also combines the potential benefits of Kratom with the nutritious goodness of coconut and other ingredients. 

Let’s dive into how to make Kratom coconut smoothies, the ingredients you’ll need, and discuss their benefits and potential side effects.

Ingredients needed for making Kratom Coconut Smoothie

To make the best Kratom coconut smoothie, you need the following ingredients: 

  1. Kratom Powder

The first and main ingredient you need is 2-5 grams of high-quality Kratom powder. 

  1. Fruits

To mask the bitter taste of Kratom, you need some fruits like bananas, mangoes, strawberries, etc. You can also add any other fruits that suit your taste.

  1. Milk or Dairy Alternatives

To make it a bit creamy, add almond milk or coconut milk. 

  1. Honey

To make the Kratom coconut smoothie a bit sweet, you need some honey. 

  1. Ice

You can go without ice, but adding some ice can make the recipe a bit colder and refreshing. 

Directions For Making Kratom Coconut Smoothie

  1. First add your smoothie base (Water) to the blender.
  2. Add your favourite Kratom dose.
  3. Now add the cut pieces of fruit of your own choice.
  4. To make it a bit creamy, add almond milk or coconut milk
  5. Lastly add some honey for a sweet taste.

Begin blending on a low setting to break down the larger fruit pieces into smaller chunks. Now speed up the blender for 30 to 60 seconds until all the ingredients are combined. 

To make it a bit more refreshing, add some small chunks of ice. 

What are some of the best Kratom Coconut Recipes?

Some of the best Kratom Coconut recipes you can make include: 

  • Simple green kratom smoothie
  • Health-minded chocolate kratom smoothie
  • Creamy avocado kratom smoothie
  • Refreshing mixed fruit kratom smoothie
  • Tropical Kratom Smoothie Recipes

1. Simple Green Kratom Smoothie

To make the best simple green Kratom smoothie, you need the following ingredients:

  1. Water (1 ½ Cup)
  2. Kratom Dose ( Suggested by your doctor)
  3. Frozen Spinach ( 2 cups)
  4. Mango (½ cup)
  5. Pineapple (½ cup)


First, add water to the blender. Next, add your measured dosage of Kratom. Now add the remaining ingredients. Blend it, until the fruits mix well with Kratom powder. Now, enjoy your simple green Kratom smoothie.

2. Health-minded chocolate kratom smoothie

If you want to consume Kratom midday but with a different taste, then a health-minded chocolate Kratom smoothie can be a perfect recipe for you. The ingredients you need are listed below:

  1. Milk (1 cup)
  2. Ripe Banana ( 2)
  3. Kratom Dose ( As suggested by your health professional)
  4. Peanut Butter ( 1 Tablespoon)
  5. Ice Cubes
  6. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ( 1 ½ Tablespoon)
  7. Vanilla Extract ( 1 Teaspoon)


First, add milk into the blender and then add Kratom. Mix it well. Now add 1 tablespoon of peanut butter followed by Cocoa powder and vanilla extract. 

3. Creamy Avocado Kratom Smoothie

You need the following ingredients to make Creamy Avocado Kratom Smoothie:

  1. Frozen Pineapple ( ½ Cup)
  2. Ripe Avocado ( 1)
  3. Coconut Milk ( ⅓ Cup)
  4. Frozen Spinach ( 1 Cup)
  5. Lime Juice ( 3 Tablespoon)
  6. Frozen Banana ( 1)
  7. Kratom Powder ( Your measured dose)
  8. A pinch of sea salt. 

4. Refreshing mixed fruit kratom smoothie

Kratom Enthusiasts love making this recipe during hot summer days. It feels like drinking a shake. Here is what you need to make a refreshing mixed fruit Kratom smoothie:

  1. Plain or Vanilla Yogurt ( 1 Cup)
  2. Strawberries ( ½ Cup)
  3. Kratom Powder (Dose as suggested by your doctor)
  4. Banana (1 Piece)
  5. Pineapple ( ½ Cup)
  6. Honey (1 tablespoon)
  7. Blueberries (½ Cup)

5. Tropical Kratom Smoothie Recipes

To make tropical Kratom smoothie recipes, you need the following ingredients:

  • Almond or Coconut Milk ( 2 Cups)
  • Raw Kale  ( 2 Cups)
  • Tropical fruits ( 2 cups). You can use fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and kiwi. 
  • Kratom Powder ( As recommended by your  health professional) 


First mix milk with raw kale in a blender. Keep it blending until mixed well. Now, add 2 cups of tropical fruits and blend it again, so that the fruit mixes well with the mixture. 

Add your measured Kratom dosage and blend it again. Now, it is time to enjoy your tropical Kratom smoothie recipes. 

To learn more about  different Kratom Recipes, read:  10 BEST KRATOM RECIPES 

Benefits of Kratom Coconut Smoothie

Kratom Coconut Smoothie may offer the following benefits: 

  • Stimulation in lower doses
  • Potential for boosting energy
  • Help in reducing tiredness
  • Relieve Discomfort
  • Offer Relaxation

However, the results of its benefits may vary, and individual responses to Kratom coconut smoothie can differ. 

Side Effects of Consuming Kratom in Different Recipes

Though Kratom offers various potential benefits, there is also the risk of side effects of using Kratom. Some of the side effects are listed below: (R)

  •  Nausea
  • Aggression
  • Hallucinations
  • Trouble Breathing

Note: Please consult a qualified medical doctor before consuming Kratom for any purposes. 

Where Can I Buy Kratom Powder?

You can buy Kratom powder at the Kratom Worx for research purposes. 

Final Thoughts

Today, Kratom enthusiasts are trying different Kratom recipes to maximize their experience with Kratom. One such recipe gaining attention is the Kratom coconut smoothie, appreciated for its delightful taste.  

However, It is important to highlight that consuming Kratom may lead to certain side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a qualified medical doctor before consuming Kratom in any form for any purpose. 


All the products available for sale at The Kratom Worx are only for research purposes. 

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