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Gold Borneo Kratom Extract

  • Mitragynine Content Grade A+ : >2%.
  • Alkaloid Rich Composition
  • For Research Purposes Only
  • Discreet Packaging and Shipping
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Buy High-Quality Gold Borneo Kratom Extract (Liquid) Online – Convenient and Potent Kratom Extract

Gold Borneo Extract is offered in 20ml/ 60mg per ml /1200mg.

What is Gold Borneo Kratom?

In the vibrant cultures of Southeast Asia and Indochina, a tropical tree called Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) thrives, belonging to the Rubiaceae family. For centuries, the indigenous communities of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Borneo have harnessed the power of Kratom for its potential stimulating properties and opioid-like analgesic effects. Though its traditional study dates back hundreds of years, it was not until the early 19th century that a Dutch botanist, Pieter Willem Korthals, formally documented Kratom in Thailand.[R]

Extracted from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, this potentially psychoactive herb has been valued for centuries, offering potential relief for ailments like pain, diarrhea, and cough, while also serving as an alternative to opium and supporting subjects during opioid withdrawal. [R]

As researchers turned their attention to this enigmatic botanical, their focus centered on the extraction and identification of indole and oxindole alkaloids from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa.Recent review collected botanical, phytochemical, and ethnomedicinal data on the Mitragyna Korth genus, shedding light on the vast array of secondary metabolites present in Kratom, such as flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds, triterpenoids, triterpenoid saponins, monoterpenes, and secoirioids. Particularly noteworthy are the 37 alkaloids unique to M. Speciosa, making it the most extensively studied species. Among these, mitragynine (MG), 7-hydroxymitragynine (HMG), speciociliatine (SC), speciogynine (SG), and paynantheine (P) hold significant pharmacological activity and can be found in substantial quantities within Kratom leaves.[R]

In the sections that follow, we’ll talk more about the potential therapeutic wonders of Kratom. In this article, we’ll try to find out what the scientific truth is behind Gold Borneo Kratom’s mysterious reputation, avoiding hype and rumors to find out how this interesting plant might be used as a potential research chemical.

Gold Borneo Kratom Specifications

Gold Borneo Kratom comes in a liquid extract form. Each 20ml bottle has 70mg per ml, for a total of 1400mg. This amazing kratom comes in both green and red flavors.

Distinguished by its captivating golden hue and a one-of-a-kind aroma, Gold Borneo Kratom sets itself apart from other strains. Crafted through a skillful fusion of Red Borneo and Green Borneo, this strain delivers a well-balanced research experience that harmonizes the soothing attributes of Red Borneo with the invigorating qualities of Green Borneo. The result is a popular choice for researchers seeking a middle ground, a harmonious blend of potential relaxation and energy, making Gold Borneo Kratom a truly remarkable choice for kratom researchers.

Product Information:

Kratom Product: Gold Borneo Kratom Extract 

Content: Mitragynine Content Grade A+ : >2%. 

Variants:20ml/ 60mg per ml /1200mg

CAS Number: 4098-40-2

Molar Mass: 398,4953 g/mol-1

Chemical Formula: C23H30N2O4IUPAC Namemethyl 2-(3-ethyl-8-methoxy-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12b-octahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizin-2-yl)-3-methoxyprop-2-enoate

Research-Based Potential Benefits for Gold Borneo Kratom

Pain relief in COVID-19

Several studies have already shown potent kratom extract as a possible pain-relieving aid in different cases. In this very recent study, a new potential for Kratom was discovered to provide potential fast and sustained relief for symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, such as fever, general malaise, pain, myalgia, fatigue, and headache. These symptoms can significantly impact the quality of life even after the acute phase of the infection, and conventional treatments like paracetamol and NSAIDs may not always be effective or recommended for COVID-19 cases. Although previous reports have highlighted potential negative effects of kratom consumption when used excessively or with other substances in research settings, this report suggests a potential benefit in alleviating COVID-19-related symptoms and pain. However, it is essential to approach the study of kratom with caution and conduct further controlled clinical trials to determine its safe dosage, pharmacology, and potential side effects, as well as to compare its efficacy with the current standard treatments for pain relief in COVID-19 patients. While there is promising scope for future studies, solid scientific evidence is still needed to fully establish kratom’s utility in managing these symptoms.[R]

Anxiety and Depression in Rats

In a study, researchers looked at kratom extracts to see if they could help with anxiety and depression caused by diabetes in rats. They found that MSE contains beneficial substances like flavonoids and phenolic glycosides. When they gave MSE to diabetic rats, it reduced their anxiety and depressive-like behaviors. The extract also improved the rats’ brain health by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. These results suggest that MSE might have potential as a natural remedy for anxiety and depression related to diabetes, but more research is needed to be sure.[R]

Potential as a Muscle Relaxant

A study was done to find out how pure alkaloid mitragynine and a methanolic extract of kratom leaves affect the neuromuscular junction and compound nerve action potential. Wistar rats’ phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragms, hemidiaphragms, and sciatic nerves were taken out and used in the study.

The results showed that the kratom methanolic extract decreased muscle twitch in both isolated phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm and hemidiaphragm preparations when used at certain concentrations. Surprisingly, the effect of the kratom extract (1 mg/mL) on relaxing muscles was even stronger than that of mitragynine. The study also found that the kratom extract directly relaxed the hemidiaphragm muscle and that its main effect was on the nerve-muscle junction, not on the skeletal muscle or somatic nerve. High concentrations of kratom extract and mitragynine were found to stop nerve conduction, nerve action potential amplitude, and nerve action potential duration.

These findings provide intriguing insights into the potential use of kratom as a muscle relaxant, warranting further research and exploration in the new field of natural remedies. It is crucial to note that the study emphasizes the importance of conducting research solely for scientific purposes and does not advocate the human use of kratom as a muscle relaxant. By understanding kratom’s effects on the neuromuscular junction, researchers may unlock valuable knowledge about its pharmacological properties and potential applications.[R]

Potential for Weight Loss and Antidiarrheal Effect 

A study looked at how a kratom leaf extract made with methanol affected the intestines of rats. Researchers gave rats different amounts of kratom extract and watched how it affected diarrhea caused by castor oil and how the intestines progressed.

The results showed that kratom extracts protected against diarrhea in a dose-dependent way and also slowed down the movement of food through the intestines. Surprisingly, the antidiarrheal effect was not reversed by naloxone. This suggests that the drug may work in ways other than through opioid receptors. Also, the study found that kratom extract, especially at higher doses (200 and 400 mg/kg) given for 30 days, caused the body weight gain to slow down in a way that is similar to how other drugs work. This effect was very different from what happened with the control and with 50 mg/kg and 100 mg/kg of kratom extract.[R]

This study shows that methanolic kratom extract might be able to stop diarrhea in rats. Also, high doses of kratom extract had effects on weight loss that were similar to those of known drugs. This suggests that there are other pathways besides opioid receptors. More research is needed to find out how these effects work and if kratom is safe and effective as a possible weight loss aid.

Potential Anti-inflammatory 

Kratom has been studied in traditional medicine for a long time because it may have healing properties. A study was done to see if it could help reduce inflammation. The researchers did tests on rats to see how well it stopped inflammation. They used carrageenan-induced paw edema and cotton pellet-induced granuloma tests. The study showed that the extract significantly and dose-dependently reduced inflammation in rats. It stopped the swelling of rat paws that was caused by carrageenan. [R]

These results suggest that the extract of Mitragyna Speciosa has promising anti-inflammatory properties. More research could possibly lead to a new natural anti-inflammatory treatment.

Potential Aid in Opioid Addiction

A study conducted at the University of Florida has revealed results regarding kratom’s potential in alleviating opioid withdrawal symptoms. The research carried out on animal models, demonstrated that kratom, derived from a Southeast Asian tropical tree, provided significant pain relief and effectively reduced withdrawal symptoms caused by opioid dependence. Unlike some current medications, kratom did not exhibit side effects, making it a safer alternative. The study’s findings indicate that kratom may hold promise as a potential treatment option for individuals dealing with opioid withdrawal syndrome, offering hope in the fight against opioid addiction. Further research is underway to explore its efficacy and safety in addressing this pressing public health issue.[R]

Gold Borneo Extract Mechanism of Action 

Kratom is a unique plant that contains more than three dozen different indole alkaloids, each of which gives it its own unique properties. The kratom alkaloids are called mitragynine, and it makes up about 66% of all the alkaloids found in Kratom leaves. What makes mitragynine stand out is that it might help make new and effective painkillers possible. Mitragynine interacts with the mu-opioid receptor as a partial agonist biased toward G proteins. But it doesn’t use the β-arrestin signaling pathway like traditional opioids do. This feature could make a big difference in the world of pain management. [R]

The other effects of Mitragyna leaves are varied and depend on the amount of alkaloid compounds, where the plant comes from its stage of maturity, and its ecotype. The amount of mitragynine (MG) in total alkaloids varies from 66% in plants from Thailand to 12% in plants from Malaysia. A lot of Kratom’s pain-relieving and opiate-like effects are caused by MG and 7-hydroxymitragynine (HMG), which act as μ-opioid receptor agonists and block both thermal and mechanical pain signals. The opioid agonist effect of HMG is 13 times stronger than that of morphine and 46 times stronger than that of MG. Kratom has also been shown to have potential anti-inflammatory effects by stopping prostaglandin E-2 from being made. [R]

Important Consideration

Kratom, especially the White Royal Borneo capsules, is a natural botanical product with active compounds that can interact with the body of research subjects and has possible side effects. Here are some key points to consider:

Gold Borneo Extract Liquid Kratom Side Effects: 

While there are no known negative effects associated with the ingestion of this specific kratom extract, further investigation into the substance is recommended.

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20ml/ 60mg per ml /1200mg


Green, Red

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  1. Zach Rush

    This Gold Borneo Kratom offered a smooth and mellow experience, perfect for relaxation and tranquility

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    After learning about kratom, I felt more motivated, productive, and able to sleep better. Awesome!

  3. Nelson Springe

    Really strong effects but I’m loving it. This is what I’ve been looking for. Highly recommended!

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    Mellow and relaxing, great for unwinding. Excellent quality and satisfied with the purchase

  5. Jimmie Bradford

    Highly recommended for its impressive quality and effectiveness!

  6. Bruno Talley

    I’ve been utilizing this great product for over three months. It has given me back my life. I was in excruciating agony in my back, legs, and feet until I discovered this powder through friends. I was first dubious, but decided to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did.

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    Excellent shipping and service. My orders were delivered promptly.

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