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Green Jong Kong Kratom Powder

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Buy High-Quality Green Jong Kong (Powder) – Convenient And Potent Kratom Powder

Green Jong Kong Powder is offered in three variants:  30g, 60g, and 120g.

What is JONG KONG Kratom? 

The Jong Kong Kratom (powder) is a relatively lesser-known kratom compound, with many individuals being unfamiliar with its existence. It’s quite possible that this is your first encounter with this particular compound.

Named after the region of its cultivation, Jong Kong Kratom originates from Jong Kong, a district located in Indonesia along the Kapaus River.

It exists in three different forms including red Jong Kong, green Jong Kong, and white Jong Kong. The natives have been using it for centuries as an potential energy booster and for its purported medicinal purposes. 

How does Green Jong Kong Kratom work? 

Like all other Kratom, green Jong Kong Kratom also contains the alkaloid mitragynine, and it works by potentially reacting with opioid receptors in the brain. This reaction may have the potential to influence mood and pain perception. 

What are some of the research-based potential benefits of Green Jong Kong Kratom? 

Green Jong Kong Kratom powder might have the following research benefits: 

  1. Possible Improvements in Focus
  2. Potential to Boost Mood
  3. Minimize Discomfort in Research Settings
  4. Potential to Influence Energy 
  5. Potential for Enhanced Stamina and Performance

1. Possible Improvements in Focus

 The Green Jong Kong Kratom is most famously known for its potential ability to improve focus. It has the potential to help improve mental capacity and help generate more creative ideas.  

2. Potential to Boost Mood

In addition, the Green Jong Kong kratom also has the potential to enhance mood. Green Jong Kratom is being researched for its potential to generate feelings of happiness and overall well-being. 

3. Minimize Discomfort in Research Settings

Moreover, in research settings, Green Jong Kratom in high doses may help in relieving discomfort. 

4. Potential to Influence Energy 

Traditionally, people studied it for its potential energy boosting capabilities. And still, people are trying to investigate the potential enhancements in energy for daily life labourers. 

5. Potential for Enhanced Stamina and Performance

Anecdotal reports also show that Green Jong Kong Kratom has the potential to aid in enhancing stamina and performance in users.  

Are there any side effects of Green Jong Kong Kratom? 

Some of the research-based potential side effects of Green Jong Kong Kratom are listed  below:

  1. Potential Dry Mouth
  2. Potential Sweating
  3. Potential for Nausea
  4. Hallucination in Subjects
  5. Seizures in Subjects

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Buy the finest Green Maeng Da Powder with us and experience

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Same-Day Shipping (Order before 2 pm EST)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Full Transparency with Lab Tests

Note: The FDA has not yet approved the Green Jong Kong Kratom for medical purposes. That’s why don’t use these products for any kind of treatment. 

Can Kratom lower testosterone levels? 

Some research data show that Kratom tea or other consumption does not affect the circulation of testosterone levels in subjects. ®

Can Green Jong Kong Kratom be used as a pain reliever? 

Historically, Green Jong Kong Kratom has been investigated as a pain reliever for centuries. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this claim. 

Are Kratom and Tianeptine related? 

No, kratom and tianeptine are not related. They are distinct substances with different origins, chemical compositions, and pharmacological effects.

Are there any differences between Green Jong Kong Kratom and Red Jong Kong Kratom? 

Yes, Green Jong Kong Kratom and Red Jong Kong Kratom are variations of the same strain originating from the Jong Kong region in Indonesia. Despite coming from the same geographical area, there are differences in their characteristics, primarily related to the color of the veins in the kratom leaves and the alkaloid content.


Please note that packaging might have slight variations as we update our packaging and labels. Please research the scientific uses of this product and read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before purchasing.

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30g, 60g, 120g


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