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Best Kratom for Sleep: Does it work?

In today’s fast-paced and often high-stress society, sleep is a vital, yet frequently overlooked, component of overall health and well-being.  Good sleep helps us to start fresh and finish the unfinished task. 

But some people find it hard to sleep even after a hectic day at their offices. They take different sleep medicines but very few work for them.  

Today in this well-researched blog we will discuss the importance of Kratom for sleep. We will also talk about some of the best Kratom for sleep and also its side effects. 

How does Kratom work?

Kratom is a tree that is historically linked to Southeast Asian countries. People in these countries have been using it for sedative, pain relief, and energy-boosting purposes. 

It is generally believed that Kratom acts as an opioid receptor. When taken in a low dosage it boosts energy, reducing pain and producing euphoria. ( R)  

The high dosage of Kratom has the potential to produce sedative effects and make the users drowsy and quiet.  Kratom is highly potent. Even some people linked it with Opium. 

Though many people use kratom for sleeping purposes, there are still some question marks on its usage due to its potential side effects. 

Does kratom support rest and relaxation?

Quality sleep is necessary and we have already talked about its importance. But the question is does kratom help you sleep? 

The truth is there is no clear answer for it. Taking Kratom for sleep is a controversial matter.  Anecdotal reports claim that, Yes, Kratom helps you sleep. 

But science says, Kratom might help you sleep. 

The active ingredient of Kratom, Mitragynine, when binds to the brain opioid receptor, it helps in regulating mood, pleasure and pain. Moreover, it also helps you to relax and produce anti-anxiety effects. (R)

Due to these effects of Kratom on the brain, it is generally believed that Kratom helps you sleep. 


How To Choose The Best Kratom For Sleep: Colours and Strains

It is a fact that not all kratoms are equal. Some are more potent than others. The newbies find it difficult to know the differences among Kratom strains. To make things easy for you, we have listed different Kratom strains that might help you in sleeping. (R)

  1. Red Maeng Da Kratom
  2. Red Bali Kratom
  3. Red Borneo Kratom
  4. Green Malay Kratom
  5. Red vein Indo Kratom

1. Red Maeng Da Kratom

  • The most potent Kratom Strain
  • Potential for sleep improving
  • Potential for mood enhancement
  • Offer Relaxation 
  • Long-lasting

2. Red Bali Kratom

  • Potential for pain-relief
  • Help in anxiety reduction
  • Promotes sleep quality
  • Decrease night-time anxiety

3. Red Borneo Kratom

  • Promotes natural sleep
  • Offer pain and stress relief
  • Has the potential to decrease discomfort at night
  • Potential for enhancing sleep 

4. Green Malay Kratom

  • Promotes Balanced Effects
  • Offer anxiety relief
  • Offer moderate relaxation
  • Has the potential to reduce bedtime anxiety
  • Potential for supporting deeper sleep

5. Red Vein Indo Kratom

  • Has the potential to produce sedative and calming effects
  • Help in alleviating stress and anxiety 
  • Provide quality sleep
  • Potential analgesic effects

How Much Kratom To Take To Fall Asleep? 

Kratom produces different effects at different dosages. That’s why it is necessary to have proper knowledge about Kratom dosage. Also, knowing about the exact dosage of Kratom for sleep will help you to get good sleep. (R)

  1. Low Doses

Kratom at low doses produces energising effects. That’s why low-dosage Kratom works well in the daytime when you perform a high-quality task that demands continuous energy and activeness. 

  1. Moderate Doses

Moderate doses of Kratom help in producing euphoric effects and also aid in reducing pain. People take moderate Kratom doses in the evening to wind down. 

  1. High Doses

The high Kratom doses produce calming and sedative effects. People at night usually take high doses to get quality sleep. 

Note: The information shared above is based on anecdotal reports. There are no or limited scientific studies to support such claims. 

Is Kratom Safe To Use For Sleep?

Is Kratom safe to use for sleep is a controversial and complicated topic. We don’t have sufficient scientific reports that show that Kratom is safe for sleep.

The fact is Kratom is not approved by the FDA for human or recreational purposes.

On the other side, anecdotal reports show that Kratom is a natural product and safe. They claim that Kratom does not have any severe side effects on humans, and helps in providing quality sleep. The only thing that matters is getting high-quality Kratom. (R)

What are the side effects of Kratom? 

Some of the side effects of Kratom are listed below: (R)

  • Nausea
  • Coughing
  • Hallucination
  • Trouble Breathing

Does kratom help with fatigue?

Various surveys show that people in the US have been using Kratom to self-treat fatigue and depression. (R) 

Can kratom cause insomnia?

Yes, users of Kratom have also experienced insomnia, weight loss, seizures, and hallucinations. ®

Does kratom lower testosterone?

No, there is no scientific evidence that shows the effects of Kratom on lowering the testosterone levels of a healthy man. If your testosterone level is decreasing you should consult a qualified medical doctor. 

Does kratom affect cognitive function?

Yes, the chronic consumption of Kratom can cause cognitive deficits. ®

Does kratom make you tired?

Whether Kratom makes you tired or not depends on the Kratom doses you take. If taken in high amounts it produces sedative effects making the user tired. 

Does kratom help you sleep?

Yes, anecdotal reports show that Kratom helps you sleep. 

Wrapping Up

The debate about whether Kratom helps in sleeping or not is lengthy and ongoing.  Anecdotal reports favour the idea that Kratom can aid in sleep, while the scientific community considers it an ambiguous claim. There is not enough scientific evidence supporting the assertion ‘Kratom helps in sleeping’. That’s why if you ever intend to use Kratom for any purpose, seek consultation with a qualified health professional. 


The information shared on The Kratom Worx is provided for informational and research purposes only. Readers should not make any decisions solely based on the above content.

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