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Super White Kratom

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Buy High-Quality Super White Kratom – Powerful White Vein Kratom Strain

Premium Super White powder. 250 grams and 1kg options available.

What is Super White Kratom?

Discover the potency of Super White Kratom – a robust white vein strain thoughtfully formulated for exceptional outcomes. This kratom powder strain originates from the leaves of the Kratom tree cultivated in the vibrant and flourishing landscapes of Bali and Borneo, Indonesia, solidifying its position as the industry’s benchmark.

Explore our range of Premium Super White powder, available in convenient options of 250 grams and 1 kilogram, each securely sealed within mylar bags to preserve its freshness.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality remains resolute. We subject all our products, encompassing Kratom extracts and strains, to meticulous testing to ensure precise identification of the purest kratom. This process includes screening for the presence of heavy metals, microbial impurities like Yeast and Mold, and hazardous pathogens such as Coli-forms, E. coli, and Salmonella.

Understanding Kratom Super White

Kratom Super White is an addition to the realm of kratom strains, particularly recognized for its potentially potent effects. This strain, also known as White Maeng Da Kratom, is prepared from the leaves of the organic kratom plant, Mitragyna speciosa, which hails from the coffee family and is native to Southeast Asia.

With a rich history deeply rooted in traditional herbal medicine across the region, Kratom Super White has gained prominence in the kratom industry as one of the most popular kratom strains. Derived from the carefully cultivated mitragyna speciosa tree, this strain boasts high concentrations of beneficial compounds that are sought after for their potential pain-relieving properties.

The process of developing Kratom Super White involves rigorous testing to ensure its authenticity and purity. This includes screening for proper identification, heavy metals, and microbial safety. This commitment to quality is upheld by Super Speciosa Kratom, which recognizes the significance of maintaining the highest standards within the kratom industry.

As a versatile and potent strain, Kratom Super White offers a potential experience of the effect of natural herbal medicine with a history steeped in Southeast Asian traditions. Its carefully prepared formulation captures the essence of this unique botanical.

Product Information

Kratom Product: Kratom Super White

Variants: Premium Super White powder is available in 250 grams and 1kg.

CAS Number: 4098-40-2

Molar Mass: 398,4953 g/mol-1

Chemical Formula: C23H30N2O4

Research-Based Potential Benefits for Kratom Super White

Pain Relief

Kratom Super White, a strain known for its pain-relieving properties, has been the subject of laboratory research and clinical studies. These studies have suggested that certain alkaloids present in kratom, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, may interact with opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, leading to potential analgesic effects. [R]

Enhanced Mood and Focus

Laboratory research has shown that Kratom Super White contains alkaloids that could potentially have mood-enhancing and cognitive focus-improving effects. These alkaloids may interact with neurotransmitter systems, influencing mood regulation and cognitive function. [R]

Energy Boost

Some researchers have noted increased energy and vitality when their test subjects receive Kratom Super White. While there is anecdotal evidence supporting this benefit, laboratory research has indicated that certain kratom alkaloids could potentially have stimulating effects, leading to increased alertness and energy levels. [R]

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

The kratom brand under consideration has potential relaxing effects that have been observed anecdotally, with test subjects reporting a sense of calm and stress relief. Laboratory studies have shown that certain kratom alkaloids may interact with neurotransmitter systems related to stress and anxiety, potentially contributing to these relaxation effects. [R]

Support for Opioid Withdrawal

According to studies, the alkaloids in Kratom Super White, especially mitragynine, may interact with opioid receptors to lessen withdrawal symptoms in participants who are dependent on opioids. While laboratory studies have provided insight into this mechanism, more clinical research is needed to fully understand its potential. [R]

Kratom Super White’s Mechanism of Action

Kratom Super White exerts its effects through the active alkaloids, primarily mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids engage with diverse receptors in the brain and body, generating a spectrum of responses. While the precise mechanism remains partially elucidated and necessitates further investigation, the following outlines its potential active mechanisms:

Firstly, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine act as partial agonists at mu-opioid receptors, pivotal for pain modulation and mood control. These alkaloids’ binding to these receptors yields analgesic and mood-altering outcomes akin to opioids, yet characterized by unique attributes.

Secondly, Kratom alkaloids interact with adrenergic receptors, fostering heightened alertness, concentration, and energy levels. This dynamic could account for the reported invigorating effects associated with Kratom Super White.

Furthermore, these alkaloids potentially influence serotonin receptors, facilitated by 7-hydroxymitragynine, thereby contributing to mood elevation and relaxation. This interaction possibly underpins the strain’s purported mood-enhancing effects.

Additionally, research proposes that mitragynine may impact dopamine receptors, integral to reward and pleasure circuitry. Such an influence could correlate with the strain’s noted euphoric outcomes.

Finally, alkaloids within Kratom Super White might modulate GABA receptors, central to relaxation and stress management. This interaction might underlie the strain’s reported tranquilizing properties.

Important Consideration

Potential Side Effects

Kratom Super White carries the potential for certain side effects, stemming from its active alkaloids, notably mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Active research studies have highlighted several potential adverse effects. These include digestive issues such as nausea, vomiting, and constipation, which may arise due to the strain’s interaction with opioid receptors in the gut. Furthermore, Kratom Super White’s stimulating effects could lead to restlessness, increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure, particularly at higher doses, as observed in laboratory studies.

Safety Precautions

To ensure a responsible experience with Kratom, it is crucial to follow safety precautions diligently. Buy Kratom Super White for LABORATORY AND RESEARCH PURPOSES only. In your research apply kratom dosage based on the results you aim for. Purchase Kratom from reliable sources that offer high-quality products.


What is Kratom Super White?

Kratom Super White is a unique strain of kratom known for its potential positive effects. It falls under the category of white kratom strains, distinguished by the color of the veins on the kratom leaves. This strain is also sometimes referred to as White Maeng Da Kratom or White Borneo Kratom. It originates from the Maeng Da Kratom variety, which is renowned for its potency and distinct characteristics. It’s currently being studied for its ability to promote energy, focus, and relaxation.

How is Kratom Super White different from other kratom strains?

Kratom Super White stands out due to its unique composition of alkaloids, which differentiates it from other kratom strains. Its white vein kratom leaves contain a higher concentration of certain alkaloids that contribute to its effects. This strain is particularly recognized for its potential to enhance energy levels, focus, and mood. While other kratom strains, such as red and green vein kratom, have their distinct profiles, Kratom Super White’s properties are characterized by its specific alkaloid content.

What are the effects of Kratom Super White?

Kratom Super White is known for its versatile effects. It’s commonly reported to offer a boost in energy and alertness, making it a popular choice for those seeking increased productivity. Additionally, users often mention enhanced cognitive focus and improved mood when consuming this strain. The natural herb’s alkaloids are believed to influence neurotransmitter systems, contributing to these effects. However, individual responses can vary, and it’s important to start with a lower dosage to assess your sensitivity to Kratom Super White’s effects.

Is Kratom Super White available as liquid kratom or kratom capsules?

For now, Kratom Super White is only available in powder form. Current development of its other form is underway.

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Buy the finest Kratom Super White with us and experience 

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By completing and paying for your order, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you received, please contact us at [email protected]

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250g, 1kg

2 reviews for Super White Kratom

  1. Stanley

    The effects last for hours with no crash. A total winner!

  2. Emmanuel Bond

    The powder is finely ground and easy to mix. I’ve tried several whites, but this one takes the crown

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